Kitewheel June 2020 Release Notes


The June 2020 (1.24.0) release introduces a significant engine upgrade across all hubs, public variable update, R node whitelist information, bug fixes and security patching. Kitewheel is rolling these changes out starting from May 27, 2020.

Engine Upgrade

Kitewheel improved the overall performance by redesigning the data flow between the API and the engine, and many modifications to the engine run time. Kitewheel also upgraded to the latest version of Python 3. This has resulted in improvements of up to 81% reduction in execution time and up to 364% more in throughput at the same time.

  • The upgrade saw the following improvements:

    • Reduced Network Latency

    • Streamlined graph execution

    • Improved rate of consumption on the job queue

    • Metrics emitted through threads – non-blocking to execution

    • Reduced size of Engine formatted graph

    • Deployed using a lighter weight container

Public Variable Update

Kitewheel now specified the use of public variable and best practices, and removed some anomalies in public variable behaviors

  • Public variables within a visual test are now independent of all other visual tests and deployed graphs

  • Persistent public variables scope is now guaranteed to be shared across all deployed graphs within an a project and environment - this means one running graph can update public variable that’s being used by other graphs in the same project

  • The initial values of persistent public variables will not be set by a newly deployed graph if they have already been set by another graph that is currently deployed from that project and environment

    • Previously deploying a new graph in the same environment would override the existing public variable values

R Node Update

Kitewheel has automatically included a few whitelisted packages and functions for users to use

  • Any additional packages and functions that fall outside of the whitelist will need to be submitted to Kitewheel Support and reviewed by Kitewheel security team

Bug Fixes

  • KIT-4632: SSO SAML Issuer and ACS corrections for certain providers

  • KIT-2258: Transactions do not necessarily load in visual testing console

  • A number of security fixes were also included

Documentation Updates


Data: Schema, Public Variable and Literals

R Model Node

  • The documentation now reflects the R node package and function whitelist