Kitewheel July 2020 Release Notes


The July 2020 (1.25.0) release introduces enhanced filtering capabilities and dynamic card updates for the Journey Discovery Analytics Dashboard, bug fixes and security patching.

Analytics Filtering

Kitewheel introduces for the Analytics filtering will allow you to now filter by:

  • Date range options by weeks, quarter, year or a custom date range

  • Channel - whether a customer has interacted in a particular channel

  • Journey Steps - whether a customer has taken or not taken a journey step

  • Journey - highlighting whether a step has occurred within one journey or another

Analytical Summary

The Analytical Summary, also known as Dynamic Cards, sets the baseline for how much activity is being tracked for the project. In the past, the Dynamic Cards reflected Return, New, Steps Tracked and Most Popular Steps. This is now updated to reflect the following - in each case the Dynamic Cards shows the data for the current population and where sensible compares that against the data point for the project as a whole:

  • Total Profiles - number of profiles being used for the visualisation compared to the overall population

  • Interactions - number of interactions tracked versus the total for the overall population

  • Steps Tracked - number of journey steps tracked versus the overall population

  • Most Popular Steps - the most popular step for the selected population

Bug Fixes

  • KIT-5384: Info bubble deep link

  • A number of security fixes were also included

Documentation Updates

Journey Discovery Analytics Dashboard