Activities Over Time

Activity Over Time

The Activity Over Time Heat Map shows the day of the week and hour of the day in which a profile performed a tracked interaction. This helps highlight the busy and quiet times in order to better understand customer behavior through the journey. Each cell reflects the distinct number of profiles observed in that hour throughout the selected time period. A single profile is only counted once in any given cell. If a profile had many interactions in a single hour and appeared in that same hour in two different weeks, that profile would only be counted once. Hover over a specific cell to see the exact number of profiles for that period. Please note that all times reflect the actual time the interactions were recorded and not the relative time of the user, additionally all times are in UTC.

The bottom bar indicates a scale based off of the minimum and maximum range recorded.

In this instance, there are no interactions recorded so the scale shows 0 as the minimum and in gray while the maximum is estimated to be 6. 

Another example would be as shown below, where the minimum is 0 and the maximum is 200, so the scale adjusts in increments of 40.