Channel Behavior Flow

This Channel Behavior Flow diagram maps the first and last channel of interactions of all profiles per the filtered range. The number shown inside (or above) each node represents the total count of profiles whose first or last interaction was in that channel. If a profile only had interactions in a single channel, the Channel Behavior Flow diagram will show that channel as the start and ending positions. In all other cases the first and last channels of interaction for the profiles will be shown. The Channel Behavior Flow map shows the largest combinations first in decreasing order.

It is important to note that the number shown in the Channel Behavior Flow map will not always match with the data shown in the Most Popular Channels chart. This is because Channel Behavior Flow captures the number of profiles who have started and ended in a particular channel while the Most Popular Channels bar chart captures the full set of profiles in a particular channel at any given time. As an example:

  • Profile A can start in Web, go to Call Center and then end in the Complaint channel

  • Profile B can start in Web, stay in Web and then end in Web

  • Profile C can start in Web, go to Complaint and end in the Call Center channel

In this example, the Channel Behavior Flow will show three profiles in Web channel start, one profile in Complaint, one profile in Web and one profile in Call Center whereas the Most Popular Channel bar chart will display three profiles in Web, two profiles in Complaint and two profiles in Call Center.