Kitewheel March 2021 (1.29.0) Release Notes


The March 2021 (1.29.0) release includes enhancements to version creation, bug fixes and security patches.

Version Creation Enhancement

Kitewheel significantly reduces version creation runtime with this latest release. This has resulted in improvements of up to 70 - 90% reduction in version creation time which is dependent on project complexity and structure. Version creation can also be done asynchronously. This means that you do not have to stay on the Version tab while a version is being created. With this new enhancement,

  • Button Publish New Version to create a version is disabled if there is a version being created

  • Any project in Kitewheel can only have one project creation job running at a time

Bug Fixes

  • KIT-1437: 504 Gateway Timeout error is thrown when publishing a new Version

  • KIT-6176: Manually Deploying a Graph From Hub Yields Incorrect Run Status Through Journey API

  • KIT-6219: Deleted Metrics from Journey Template Source Project End Up in Run Project

  • KIT-6338: Fail to render notification panel for restoring archived versions

  • KIT-6399: Project Version Restoration Applies Incorrect Subgraph Return Value

  • KIT-6443: Caching Causing Version Diff When there is not a functional diff

  • KIT-6489: Timeouts do not work in loop graphs/subgraphs

  • KIT-6525: Incorrect Links for Duplicate Managed Graph Node Instances

Security Patches

  • A number of security patches were also included in this release