Kitewheel April 2021 (1.30.0) Release Notes


The April 2021 (1.30.0) release includes moving Self-Service Analytics to be under the Analytics tab within each project in the Kitewheel Hub, bug fixes and security patches.

Self-Service Analytics

Self-Service Analytics can now be accessed via the Analytics tab within your Kitewheel Hub project as shown below.

If you have Journey Discovery Analytics Dashboard enabled as well, you will see that in the Discovery tab and Self-Service Analytics will reside in the Performance tab.

You may enable one Self-Service Analytics dashboard per project. To enable, please submit a Support ticket to and include your dashboard ID and which project you’d like to associate the dashboard with. If you do not know your dashboard ID, please contact your Customer Success team and/or Professional Services team member who can assist.

Bug Fixes

  • KIT-6442: Engagement Score spark chart on Individual Profile was not starting at the right date

  • KIT-5841: Channel Bar Chart numbers can overlap if it is too long

  • KIT-6164: Individual Profile page had components referencing different “active” environment

Security Patches

  • A number of security patches were also included in this release