Kitewheel July 2021 (1.32.0) Release Notes


The July 2021 (1.32.0) release includes updates to sharing Journey Map and Graph Templates and Managed Graphs, bug fixes and security patches.


  • Kitewheel is introducing a new way of accessing your current Graph Templates and Managed Graphs within an organization. There is a Library tab at the top level where all the templates and managed graphs will live. Publishing templates and managed graphs across hubs still remain as an Admin functionality and within the Admin tab view

    • In this release, the Library will act as a viewable source only

  • Syncing across hubs creates a copy of the Journey Map or Graph templates from source hub to target hub. This means that you can delete the Journey Map or Graph templates from the target hub without any impacts to the source hub and vice versa. However, templates can only be published once across hubs. If you delete a template from the target hub and wish to re-publish from the source hub to the target hub, you will need to submit a Support ticket for assistance

  • In Q4, Kitewheel will be deprecating the Templates and Managed Graphs tabs within the Admin section. All syncing and editing functionalities will be moved to the Library section

Bug Fixes

  • KIT-6919: Import a template with KDM nodes doesn't set hasKDMNode=True and thus no validations are provisioned

  • KIT-7457: Version creation fails if a Twitter connection is present in the project

  • KIT-6068: Graphs with loop nodes are unable to be used for managed graphs

Security Patches

  • A number of security patches were also included in this release