Kitewheel Key Features

The Kitewheel Customer Journey Hub has a core set of features. If there are things that you would like to see please comment or contact This page provides a quick reference and jumping off point: 

New Kitewheel features in bold

Journey MapsSupports creation of customer journeys, associating them with executable graphs, and defining and tracking key performance indicators ("Metrics")
MetricsStandard, Basic and Compound metrics all supported. Basic metrics support numeric and currency types, association with nodes on journeys and graphs
/wiki/spaces/~280179578/pages/517309297Supports creation of templated projects aligned with the most common Kitewheel use cases
Organizations/Groups/RolesSupports sharing projects within an organizations to different user groups and roles
REST Web ServicesSupports RESTful services with JSON, and has been used with a variety of APIs for social, mobile, sentiment analysis, advertising, etc. Currently supports GET, POST, PUT and DELETE methods. SOAP web services are not supported at the moment - we hope to have them soon.
SOAP Web ServicesSupports a variety of SOAP web services including SOAP 1.2.
Database Adaptor

Supports Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL (including AWS Aurora), PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift for SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE. Stored procedures are not supported yet.

Queue AdaptorSupports Amazon SQS, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ for Listen, Read and Write
Twitter AdaptorSupports reading, writing, and listening of tweets, events (retweets, favs, deletes), and friends.
Email AdaptorSupports sending email over SMTP, using parameterized HTML templates.
Script NodeScripting language is now JavaScript throughout. JavaScript nodes and logic on branches and within decision tables are all consistent and familiar.
R NodeAllows execution of 'R' Scripts
2D TableFamiliar decision table that can handle decisions with two dimensions.
Columnar TableOur most powerful decision table that is useful for lots of dimensions where you only want to test a small set of cases.
Conditional LinksAll nodes return the variable "VAL" which contains their output, and can be evaluated with full scripting capabilities
EnvironmentsEnvironments are now hosted in the cloud and run in a pool, eliminating the need to build/deploy new servers for different projects and environments.
EngineEngines are hosted in the cloud and run in a pool. Dedicated engine groups are available.
SchemaTransaction-persistent project data
Public VariablesTransaction- or execution-persistent shared ("public") variables.
/wiki/spaces/TV/pages/11206911Testing any graph can include using Data (a JSON document) and for listeners the number of iterations and a maximum time.
Conditional NodeBoolean logic-based conditional statements
Split Test NodeA node that supports allowing randomized split tests and adaptive learning