Xponent Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You probably have questions about the Xponent Customer Journey Hub. We have tried to anticipate these and have created as many answers as we can think of. If you have more questions or answers please contact your partner manager, comment on this page or edit it if you are able. 


  • Why is it Blue? Please choose whichever answer gives you the most pleasure: 
    • Because it was built in America
    • Blue is the new black
    • Blue is my favorite color....
  • Is Xponent a shared service? 
    • Yes Xponent runs on Amazon Web Services in various locations around the world. Each instance supports multiple organizations. Our security controls ensure that no organization can see another organization's data. Also within an organization you can allocate users to projects who can not see other projects within the organization. 
  • Can other people get access to my data in Xponent? 
    • No. Several layers of security are built in to Xponent to ensure your data is safe. There are application-level controls, system-level controls, and procedural controls in place that restrict access to only authorized individuals to authorized resources.  


  • Will you provide me with a database? 
    • Yes. As with the existing platform you will be provided with a development database and message queues. Other AWS resources can be made available at additional cost. 
  • What kind of database will it be?
    • What would you like? At the moment Xponent supports MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and Postgres. These databases are all available in the Amazon RDS service and you can choose which one you would like. 
  • How will these credentials be communicated to me? 
    • The credentials will be pre-populated in your admin console. For external access they will be sent via different channel. The access control on the database connectivity is controlled by Xponent Support.  
  • Where is this running? 
    • We have instances in several AWS Regions around the world. You will be directed to the region closest to your location. 
  • Are there European and US instances? 
    • Yes. And the data does not leave that region. 

Software Capabilities 

The full list of capabilities is now covered in the documentation index

  • How quickly will the metrics update? 
    • Typically these will update in less than one minute - and often faster 
  • Can I use dynamic values for updating the metrics (e.g. value of sale or a negative value)?
    • Not yet - but that is a great feature request. 
  • What are templates? 
    • Templates are pre-defined structures for some of the most commonly used operations. These include full blown processes such as web tracking and personalization and also pre-defined adaptor examples for lots of web services such as Google Places, Full Contact and many more. 

Let us know if there are features you would like that we have not thought about. 

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