In order to be able to see a particular project or create connections in a project you need to be a project owner. Contact your organization owner to change your project role. 

Kitewheel has connections that define the base level of connectivity (supported connection types include database, message queue, social media and web service). Connections are used to communicate with external systems. An adaptor uses a connection to do a particular operation e.g. database SELECT, INSERT or UPDATE, message queue LISTEN, READ and WRITE, etc. A single connection may have many adaptors. 

To create a connection in a project navigate to the project admin page, choose Projects from the left hand menu and then choose the project from the list of projects. Depending on your role you may see many projects in this list. 

Now choose the connections tab and click the "Create Connection" button. 

Choose the connection type and give the connection a name from the pop-up window. Give the connection a functional name rather than a development stage name. For example CustomerDB rather than DevelopmentDB as this makes it easier to propagate the connection through multiple environments.

Depending on the connection type you will see different options to complete before the connection is ready:

Testing a Connection

Once the connection details have been saved the Test Connection button will appear below the connection details. 

Pressing the button will test the connection and confirm if the connection parameters are correct or not: 

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