Kitewheel January 2020 Release Notes


The January 2020 release addresses a number of bug fixes and improvements from the October feature release.


  • Performance Dashboard Integration

    • Kitewheel Admins now have the ability to customize the Project Overview tab to include the Performance Dashboard view via the Advanced tab

Bug Fixes

  • The use of public variables in a managed graph. This fix is focused on Public Variables; however, Kitewheel will be rolling out the fix to separate the Managed Graph schema and the Calling Graph schema in Q1 2020. Please see the best practice for how to create a managed graph for more details.

    • [KIT-4214]: Make hub not overwrite public variables when used in project and managed graphs

    • [KIT-4213]: Engine should isolate public variables used in managed graphs

      • Any version that is impacted by this issue can be fixed by restoring the version and re-publishing the version

  • [KIT-4235]: Profile schema locations assigned outside of data source destination are not camel case

  • [KIT-4229]: The last argument for nodes with parameters is not updated properly when used in the graph

  • [KIT-4228]: Return values, optional or not, should not be allowed to be mapped to literals

  • [KIT-4225]: Save Interaction node not in execution path causes error to hang

  • [KIT-4224]: Bug in columnar table editor - unable to view the set schema

  • [KIT-4182]: Template info page not found

  • [KIT-3619]: Hub reporting support for remote engine stacks with manual set-up

Documentation Updates


  • Documented the one deployed version per environment use case


  • Provided more clarity around the types of Single-Sign-On Kitewheel supports

Split Test

  • Provided more clarity around the outputs of Split Test

Creating a Managed Graph

  • Provided some best practices on how to create a managed graph