Custom Graph Templates

Kitewheel have provided a number of custom graph templates that help by adding particular connection and useful functions that we tend to reuse. These are graphs, schema and public variables which can be used and combined together to build more complex graphs. 

AWS Machine Learning

Call Amazon Machine Learning realtime scoring end point. 
AWS SNS Publish

Publish an Object to an Amazon Web Services SNS Topic
Facebook Event Listener

Listen to events on Facebook pages. 
Geo IP Lookup (MaxMind)

Lookup geo location data about an IP address. 
Kruiselines Demo Template

Build an end-to-end omni-channel journey software demo, with Kitewheel provided web assets as well

Nexmo Interactive Voice Response 
Refresh Application Parameters

Externalise values that are likely to change into a database table and have them automatically available in your graph

Refresh Public Variable

A common process to refresh a persistent public variable

Depends on appParams.

Salesforce CRM

Connect to a Salesforce instance. Find the contact id for a contact by name.

Depends on appParams.


Schedule graphs to run automatically
Standard API Graph Template

Quickly set up an RPC style API.
Transaction Log

Bookmark transactions with start/end states. 
Twitter Listener Graph TemplateListen for tweets by Keyword, save to DB and build user profiles
Web Event Listener

Record web events from the Kitewheel graph API aka webtracking.