Kitewheel January 2021 (1.28.0) Release Notes


The January 2021 (1.28.0) release introduces a revamped Individual Profile view within the Journey Discovery Analytics Dashboard, an upgrade to Sequelize, enabling Journey Step, Save Interaction and Update Profile nodes in Templates, Journey API, bug fixes and security patches.

Individual Profile

Kitewheel introduces a brand new view for the Individual Profile page, making the view richer and allows analysts and business stakeholders alike the ability to gain a deeper understanding of how individual profiles behave. The revamped page has three key sections:

  • General

    • This section houses KWIDS, Identifiers and Attributes

      • Users can now gain a full picture of the list of KWIDs and Identifiers captured for the profile as well as which attributes have values associated with the profile. This is helpful for business stakeholders to start separating known vs unknown profiles.

      • For privacy and security reasons the identifier values are not shown - just the presence or lack of for the identifier.

  • Behavior Detail

    • Kitewheel now includes the full view of a particular profile’s activities in a timeline format so that business stakeholders and analysts can understand which interactions drove a journey step and what other activities a profile has done post a journey step completion.

  • Activity

    • This section houses the Active Journey card, Engagement Score card and Channels card. Analysts and business stakeholders can start understanding which journeys a particular profile is active in, which journeys a particular profile has completed, how engaged a particular profile is in comparison to the rest of the population and the breakdown of channels.

Sequelize Upgrade

Kitewheel has upgraded the Sequelize version to the latest version (5.21.8 as of May 2020). Sequelize is used as Kitewheel’s ORM (Object Relaional Mapping) that helps represent objects in code as database tables. There were known vulnerabilities in earlier Sequelize libraries - these did not affect Kitewheel as they only applied to database types that were not used as part of our infrastructure. However following best practice Kitewheel has upgraded to a stable version that is not affected by these vulnerabilities. This change is mentioned here as it is a major change to the way that data is accessed by the hub application and affects the loading and saving of every object.

Graph Templates Enhancement

Kitewheel has now enabled the ability to share Kitewheel Identity Manager (Record Journey Step, Save Interaction and Update Profile) nodes within graph templates. Users can now include journey step, save interaction and/or update profile nodes in their graph templates to be shared across projects and organizations. If there are any naming conflicts, templates will not import Attributes and Identifiers into the target project and will instead use the existing information within the project.

Journey Templates and API

This is a feature that is available for OEM partners only. Please reach out to your Kitewheel Support team for more information if you have any questions about this.

Bug Fixes

  • KIT-5319: Delete Journey Map text box says 'journey step'

  • KIT-6313: Sankey does not render if there are only steps in the first column

Lifecycle Notices