Kitewheel September 2020 Release Notes


The September 2020 (1.26.0) release introduces additional capabilities to the Journey Discovery Analytics Dashboard, optimization to the Dynamic Cards and Filtering and security patches.

Outcome and Stalls Toggle

The Outcome and Stalls Toggles allow users to quickly establish a visual baseline of which journey steps are key bottlenecks for profiles, and if profiles are flowing to a negative journey step (as defined in the journey step editor).

Outcome Toggle

  • Turns on the visualization for positive, negative and neutral journey step outcome labels within both Popular First Steps and Popular Last Steps sankey

    • Overrides the Journey highlights

Stalls Toggle

  • Turns on the visualization for the stall percentage within the Popular First Step sankey

    • Quickly shows which Journey Step, at which point, has the highest (or lowest) stall percentage

Sankey Flyout Content Update

The Sankey Flyout now has additional metrics to help users:

  • Journey Step Icon

  • Outcome Label

  • Outcome Metric

  • Average Time on Step (or Average Time Between Steps)

View More

The “view more” / “view less” button expands the sankey to show all the steps within the X more journey step node.

Channel Behavior Flow

The Channel Behavior Flow sankey introduces the ability to identify which channel a profile started and ended in so that business can quickly understand if profiles tend to switch channels or stay in one channel from beginning to end.

Dynamic Cards and Filtering Optimizations

Dynamic Cards

  • The use of fraction in the Dynamic Cards (Analytical Summary) is updated to reflect the wording “out of”. This change is meant to provide additional clarification on how to read the data as the user is filtering through various components.

Analytics Filtering

  • Analytics Filtering drop down now has the ability to select all and deselect all. This will make it even easier to filter out the journey steps, journey and/or channel information.

Bug Fixes

  • A number of security fixes were also included

Documentation Updates

Journey Discovery Analytics Dashboard

  • Updated the Analytical Summary section to reflect the release

  • Added in additional content to reflect the release

Analytics Filtering

  • Updated the screenshots to include the select / deselect all check box in the Analytics Filtering dropdown