Most Popular Channels

The Most Popular Channels chart shows the overlap (and lack of overlap) of the five most popular channels that profiles had tracked interactions in. This helps inform not only the channels that profiles are engaging on but also how those channels overlap with each other. 

The full length of the bars represent the total number of distinct profiles identified in a channel. Darker segments of the bars represent the subset of profiles also identified in other channels. The legend at the bottom of the bar chart is there to help indicate the channel overlap. There are two numbers listed on the end of each line.

The number on the right represents the total number of profiles on the channel. The number on the left represents the subset of the total profiles seen in other channels. There will always be two numbers listed even if the numbers are the same. You can also hover over the names to Y-axis to see the full names of the steps.

Click the darker bars to see the distribution of this subset of profiles. This creates a grey box over the visualization to highlight the other channels that the subset of profiles are engaging. Please note that a single profile is counted once for every additional channel they engage in. So a single user could be counted once for every channel. Meaning, the total of all the profiles in the additional channels can be greater than the initial overlap.

It is important to note that the number shown in the Most Popular Channels bar chart will not always match with the data shown in the Channel Behavior Flow sankey above. This is because Channel Behavior Flow captures the number of profile who have started and ended in a particular channel while the Most Popular Channels bar chart captures the full set of profiles in a particular channel at any given time. As an example:

  • Profile A can start in Web, go to Call Center and then end in Cust_Complaint channel

  • Profile B can start in Web, stay in Web and then end in Web

  • Profile C can start in Web, go to Cust_Complaint and end in Call Center

In this example, the Channel Behavior Flow will show three profiles in Web channel start, one profile in Cust_Complaint, one profile in Web and one profile in Call Center whereas Most Popular Channel bar chart will display three profiles in web, two profiles in Cust_Complaint and two profiles in Call Center.